‘Leadership vacuum affecting villagers’


PEOPLE in South Fly district of Western are suffering from a leadership vacuum created by the lack of political leadership, according Jamie Namorong, a community leader from Malam village in the Fly district.
Namorong said the lack of political leadership coupled with geographical challenges had led to the decline of service delivery in the district.
“The recent wet season has destroyed roads and bridges and has made it difficult for medical supplies to reach communities. Roads are being invaded by the savannah and bridges have been carried away by floods,” Namorong said.
“Our sick people are being carried on stretchers to aid posts that have no medicine.”
He said the departure of PNG Sustainable Development Programme from the province had resulted in the decline in mobile phone coverage.
The remoteness of the area has discouraged government officers such as teachers and health workers from working there.
“The Arufi Primary School near the Torres Strait border has only two teachers that are taking eight classes.