League head unhappy with publication


PAPUA New Guinea Rugby Football League chairman Sandis Tsaka has expressed concern and disappointment with regard to the publication in yesterday’s The National newspaper regarding unconfirmed SP PNG Hunters pre-season trial matches.
Tsaka said no official statement was released by the PNGRFL with regards to any pre-season matches with any clubs.
He said information had been given to a reporter but stressed that nothing had been confirmed and described the report as an “unconfirmed and unauthorised media statement”.
“The PNGRFL can confirm that discussions are being held with several NRL, QRL and NSW clubs for the Hunters to play trial matches against which are yet to be confirmed by all parties,” Tsaka said.
“When these arrangements are confirmed, the PNGRFL will issue a formal statement.”
The chairman expressed concern that such unauthorised announcements had the potential to derail discussions the PNGRFL was having with above clubs and appealed to the media to have understanding and patience when reporting on such matters.