Leaking sewage health risk to Koki residents

National, Normal


A LEAKING sewage in the Nambawan Super compound at the Koki suburb in the nation’s capital is becoming a health hazard to residents.
The sewage pipes have been spewing sludge onto the road since last November.
“The smell is horrible; disgusting and very unhygienic,” Bradley Ralewa, who lives across the compound said.
He said the leakage had been an eye sore and a health risk to residents.
Mr Ralewa was with his friends when The National caught up with them yesterday where they raised the same concern.
“We used to sit there, relax and see vehicles and people coming in and going out but now we can’t do that anymore because the smell is unbearable,” he said.
“It is very unhygienic and something must be done quickly to fix the leak,” one of them said.
Another resident, who did not want to be named said many children were in the compound and feared that they would fall sick.
“Their school is just around the corner and we don’t want our children getting sick because of this.
“The leak must be plugged quickly,” she said.
Judy Lepani, a resident of five years, said: “This is not a new problem.
“The first happened near my house in 2008 and the problem lasted for a month before Eda Ranu came to fixed it.”
Nambawan Super’s property manager could not be reached for comments but a staff revealed that the leakage was out of their boundary.
“I believe it was reported to Eda Ranu but nothing has been done yet,” he said.
Christopher Sioni from Eda Ranu said they were aware of the sewage leak and would have a look at it.