Lealea to get clean, fresh water soon

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The National, Thursday 23rd May 2013


LEALEA villagers will soon have access to clean, fresh water for drinking and cooking at no cost. 

The Motuan coastal village, located a few kilometres outside Port Moresby, has a population of more than 5,000 who use four water wells for washing only. 

United States-based company Dome KRB Ltd will launch its pilot project called Kleen Water Kube at Lealea in July to supply the village with processed clean water. 

Kleen Water Kube is powered by electricity to process salt water and contaminated water and turn it into clean, fresh water. 

Dome KRB is implementing an integrated land model at Lealea with the support of the National Research Institute and National Land Development Programme. 

Dome KRB director Greg Cooper said the concept of developing such a technology came about when he was working at Lealea helping locals register their land. 

“I saw children walking distances to fetch water when they should be at school. And I didn’t understand because it was not like where I came from,” he said. 

Village councillor Konio Morea thanked Dome KRB for the technology, saying that it would help solve their problem. 

“We are happy now that water will be brought to our doorstep which will ease the work by our women and children, carrying water.”