Learning and discipline go together, says Parkop

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PUBLIC-private partnership in early childhood learning is key to a disciplined nation, National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop said last week.
Mr Parkop was a guest speaker at the Lahara Play School fundraising dinner, an event organised by the school to fund expansion of the school facilities.
In acknowledging the PPP in early childhood education initiative by the school, Mr Parkop said “disciplined people with a positive mindset will take the country forward.
“This partnership must be fully backed and embraced by all stakeholders for it to become a reality.”
This partnership is being harnessed by Lahara and eight of its allied schools in the city to ensure positive development for children below six get off the ground.
Mr Parkop pledged K50,000 to the fundraising and said NCDC was committed to universal basic education UBE and called on other partners including non-governmental organisations and churches to help move this forward.
“Here, children are forced to become adults quickly and fall out of place and into criminal activities.
“They are not allowed to enjoy their childhood and be nurtured for life-long learning.
“It is hard to change adults, as we have been talking so much about getting people to change their attitudes,” he said.
“If the country is serious about changing the attitude of Papua New Guineans, moulding and nurturing learning to children below six is certainly the way forward,” Helen Harricknen, principal and co-founder of Lahara Play School, said.