Learning centre opened in Goodenough

Normal, Papua

CHILDREN are important resources of Papua New Guinea and must be the focus of development, Community Development Minister Dame Carol Kidu said.
Dame Carol made the remark during the launching of the 12th district community learning and development centre (CLDC) focal point in Bolubolu, Goodenough Island, Milne Bay province, recently.
The CLDC would be used for life skills training and education for children and adults to enable them sustain income-generating activities, she said.
Dame Carol said the CLDC was also part of a roll-out programme of the integrated community development policy (ICDP) and was an important component to a child’s development.
“The ICDP is like a garden fork, whereby the handle represents ownership, the stem is unity, top of the spikes are family, while the four spikes are community governance, learning, economics and environment,” Dame Carol said.
Kiriwina-Goodenough MP Jack Cameron also  made a commitment of additional funding towards community development for 2010 under his joint district planning and budget priority committee.