Learning how to control work stress

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What is self-employment?
Work and stress are knotted. It’s helpful to learn how to manage stress caused by work. If you often experience feelings of stress, you might be at risk of developing a mental health problem like depression or anxiety. Stress can also make your existing mental health problems feel worse.Here are some general ideas you can try to help you manage this stress:

  • UNDERSTAND more about stress. Recognise the signs of stress and learn about the causes of stress is good place to start;
  • FIGURE out what you find stressful and helpful.
    You could make a wellness action plan to map out what causes you stress and what keeps you well. Once you know what’s best, talk to your employer. They may be able to make some changes to help you;
  • LEARN different coping techniques.
    Everyone deals with stress differently. So take time to find methods that work for you. Use them as soon as you start to feel pressure building;
  • TRY practising mindfulness. This is about focusing on the here and now. It might help you to find calmness and clarity to respond to stressful situations;
  • LOOK after your physical health. Eat well and try a gentle activity like going for a walk or doing a chair-based exercise;
  • TRY to keep each task short and clear. Take breaks when getting tired and be polite, honest and empathic with the people you work with; and,
  • BUILDING resilience is simply looking after your wellbeing can help you deal with pressure. In turn, this can reduce the impact of stress on your life. Resilience is your ability to recover or adjust quickly when faced with challenges. By building resilience, you can better maintain your mental wellbeing when things get difficult.


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