Leave Namah out of new govt

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 31st, 2012

THERE are some people who get excited about Belden Namah’s leadership style without dissecting him further.
He may be bold but is rather direct, undiplomatic, arrogant, disloyal and disrespectful.
He is no better than a rogue military man best suited for the barracks, not parliament.
PNG needs intellectual, visionary, diplomatic and reformist leaders to govern and lead our resource-rich developing country forward.
One thing the nation fails to question is that just 10 years after being pardoned by Sir Michael Somare, he became the richest man in PNG, making his political party the richest by far.
If he could dish out K30 million for political campaigns and to buy a private jet, he must have more to sustain himself and his family in the long run.
Sir Mekere Morauta’s premature exit from politics also leaves much to be desired.
I think he may have sensed something was amiss with PNG Party, so it was only right to leave the party he formed.
It would not be a surprise if he were to re-enter politics in the near future.
I call on Peter O’Neill, Don Polye, Sir Julius Chan and others not to include Namah’s PNG Party in the coalition government.
Leave him in the opposition, so he can continue to make a nuisance of himself

Bomai Ghann