Leave politics to politicians: Ipatas

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ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas wants Southern Highlands and Enga leaders to control their own resources for distribution to other parts of the country.
“Your resources in the two provinces are now controlled by other people and big portion of your wealth is spent elsewhere.
“Resource owners are becoming spectators. You must change your mindsets by making sure
that your leaders are in power to control your resources,” he told a gathering in Mendi Hospital last Wednesday.
He said their wealth was a blessing and resource owners must control and use it properly for their future.
Mr  Ipatas told the people that politics was a seasonal affair and urged people in the villages not to risk their life and fight over politics.
“If you get killed or injured in a fight over politics that is your problem.
“Your leaders will live luxuriously in Port Moresby and send their children to good schools and forget about you in the villages.
“How you care for yourselves and send your children to schools in the province is your problem.
“Politics are for big people, you should stay away from politics and concentrate on improving your livelihood,” he said.
Mr Ipatas urged the people to forget about politics and tribal fights, and instead, work hard to improve their quality of life.
He said many vital infrastructural developments in the Highlands were destroyed in tribal fights.
“Such facilities and services, when destroyed, will be difficult to replace so, start respecting and appreciating public institutions.”