Leave Tari school alone, landowners

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, May 6, 2011

I CALL on my fellow landowners mates not to shut down the Tari Se­condary School.
Forcing the school to close will not solve anything at all.
In fact, it will only cause more problems.
When you force a school to close, you are causing more problems to the surrounding communities.
For instance, you are denying Hela’s children the right to education and disrupting their future, which indirectly, is also our own future.
Your action is also tarnishing our reputation and dignity of our tribes and a host of little things which will affect the community in the long run.
We are living in the 21st century.
This is not the time to demand for gold from the government or missionaries.
The government or mission established school for you and your children to get education so that they can compete with people from other countries in the world.
It is not the landowners’ right to kick the students and teachers out from their school.
If you want to demand for this or that, there are ways to do so but shutting down a school is not the way.
Hela has many hidden treasures and among them are our children and teachers.
They are the ones who will bring a better future for us.
I am making this appeal because when I was a student, I had a similar experience in 2005.
Our studies were disrupted and it caused many problems for us students.
The bottom line is landowners must not disrupt our kids’ studies.
Let us respect the learning environment.


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