Leave Trawen alone, O’Neill

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 10th Febuary 2012

WHY is Peter O’Neill denying rampant talks to replace the electoral commissioner? He should tell us the truth. With the way he has been operating since taking over last August, it will not be long before he actually suspends Trawen, just like he denied claims to suspend Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia and then did exactly that. Before he executes his plan to oust Trawen, I hope he will get his facts right about Trawen, who has served the Electoral Commission with distinction since the 1970s. Unlike many other department heads, Trawen is at work shortly after 7am and he is committed to his job. What is obvious is O’Neill has been replacing those appointed by the previou­s regime. I urge him to leave Trawen alone.

Disgusted observer, via email