Legal challenge on detention centre to be heard on June 24

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The National, Wednesday 15th May 2013

 A LEGAL challenge to the Manus Island detention centre will face dismissal proceedings in the Supreme Court next month.

Supreme Court judge Steven Kassman yesterday ruled the case would go before a three-judge panel after June 24.

The three are expected to decide whether the challenge, brought by Opposition Leader Belden Namah, can go ahead.

Lawyers for the government of Peter O’Neill filed an objection to Namah’s challenge on April 16.

“The parties are agreed that the next step will be the hearing of that challenge,” Ian Malloy, a lawyer representing the government.

Lawyers for Namah said previously that government lawyers had not met with them to discuss the case, leading to a series of delays.

They said if the challenge in its current form was dismissed it would free them to try again at a later date.

The Australian government says it expects to start construction of a permanent detention facility on Manus in July. – AAP

More than 270 asylum seekers are currently being housed in widely-criticised conditions at a temporary facility on Manus’ Lombrum Naval base.

The court will meet briefly on June 3 to set a date for the dismissal proceedings. – AAP