Legalise marijuana for medical purposes


THE world lost an iconic young legend just recently to cancer.
Cancer is a big killer around the globe, it is a disease that eats you away from the inside and kills you painfully and slowly.
We in a third world country need to come up with a different approach to fight this disease.
It seems our government isn’t taking this health issue seriously.
Please stop sleeping and wake up to your people’s cries, not everyone who gets sick can go overseas for treatment.
If our government is truly serious about change, then what about a greener change.
There are countries around the world who have legalised medicinal marijuana. In Australia, some states have approved medical marijuana to help, not just with cancer, but other diseases as well.
This is the most natural way and studies have shown that it helps fight the disease so well that cancer patients feel and look sometime after being treated.
There is a little girl in America called Charlotte who had about 200 to 300 seizures each day, it got so bad that every time she had a seizure she would forget something so small such as talking, walking or even remembering little things such as people’s names.
Her parents, heartbroken, and with no other option turned to two brothers who grow marijuana with a high CBD (cannabidiol) content.
The higher the cannabidiol content, the more medicinal its properties are.
The Stanley brothers from Colorado grew this medicinal strain just for medical purposes and to fight epilepsy for children.
Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is used to engage the dopamine levels in the mind and get high, cannabidiol is used for epilepsy, anxiety, Parkinson diseases, crohn disease and many more diseases.
The effects took place almost immediately on Charlotte after taking a few drops of the cannabidiol high strain, so much that these days she sometimes just has one seizure in a week.
Her experience opened the door for the legalisation of medical marijuana.
The Stanley brothers named that particular strain after her (Charlotte’s Web) and now she is known across the world as the young girl who changed everything.
Yes, there is a difference between marijuana strains, some are used for recreational purposes, but right now the world is more interested in the medical benefits.
Cancer sucks and is a big killer.
Within our grasps is a life changing medicine that is taking the world by storm, take a look at the medical benefits and let’s give our people with life taking disease a chance at life.



    • Hi Nana, there is no medically proven research that the consumption of mariquana makes you mentally affected, its quit the opposite actually, soldiers coming back from war are using this for their PTSD. There are so may uses for that plant, you can use the hemp to make paper and even build houses. There are no mariquana deaths unlike smoking and alcohol.

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