Legion of Mary group celebrates its 25th year


The Legion of Mary of Dirima St Anne’s Parish in the Kundiawa Diocese, Chimbu, will be celebrating 25 years of laity work in Dirima-Yani.
The silver jubilee celebrations will mark the work of the Marian Movement in the parish, through which the members exemplify the life of Christ and the Christian faith.
The Legion of Mary group was established 25 years ago by a young woman from Kipaku tribe, Christine Alua, in 1994.
It has increased in number to more than 200, and has extended to the neighbouring parishes of Yuri, Nondri and Yobai.
President Maria Gena said her group was looking forward to the celebrations from March 23 to March 25. Bishop Anton Bal will be the main celebrant at a Mass to end the event.
Gena said the legion is made up of 200 women who come from the four ward council areas of St Anne’s Parish.
The’ group is dedicated to the work of the Blessed Mary and is involved in both spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
The Legion of Mary was founded in Dublin, Ireland, on Sep 7, 1921, by Frank Duff, a layman and civil servant.
The stated mission was for the members to serve under the banner of Mary through corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Members are engaged primarily in the performance of spiritual works of mercy.
In the past four years, St Anne’s Parish have also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the church building and the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the first missionary.

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