Legitimacy claim upsets Basil


ENERGY Minister Sam Basil has expressed disappointment over the latest claim and its legitimacy by Piu landowners on the Wafi-Golpu project land.
“The legitimacy of this claim, published in the press recently, is something that has to be established by the registrar of land titles and the registrar of incorporated land groups (ILG) – both functions and offices of the Department of Lands and Physical Planning,” he said.
“I urge those appropriate and relevant offices to check their records and clarify these matters as a matter of urgency, since these claims for recognition are now in the public arena and the permitting process for the memorandum-of-agreement (MOA) is well underway.
“Issues that need to be verified on the two ILG registration claims include what portion of land and whether the kiaps (patrol officers) and lands officer have actually ‘walked the boundary’ of the Piu land claim and whether it covered the Wafi-Golpu project land area.
“I am extremely disappointed with this by the Piu Land Group through Martin Tapei.
“To be treated as authentic and more importantly, to participate in the MOA process, these claims should have been raised by Tapei earlier.”