Lelang’s no-show making police impatient

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The National – Friday, July 1, 2011

NATIONAL Planning and Monitoring Secretary Joseph Lelang has again failed to turn up for questioning at the Boroko police station.
This has infuriated police personnel, who wanted to question him over allegations of interfering with state witnesses in a case.
Police Commissioner Tony Wagambie said yesterday  Lelang was “on the run” from police.
Lelang also did not turn up at the Waigani District Court on Wednesday where police were to serve him  a summon.
NCD police chief Supt Joseph Tondop, who heads the investigations on Lelang, said his absence was slowing down investigations.
Tondop said he even sent his men to Vulupindi Haus, where Lelang’s office was but they could not find him.
He said Lelang, who earlier said he had been sick, had the right to seek medical attention if he was indeed “seriously ill” but should not use sickness as an excuse to avoid questioning.
Lelang was asked by Wagambie to turn up for questioning on Tuesday over the allegations made against him.
Lelang wrote back saying he needed to go for his routine medical check.
Wagambie wrote a second letter the same day to Lelang asking him to appear at the Boroko Police Station for questioning on Wednesday.