Lelang attack uncalled for

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the Department of National Planning and Monitoring secretary Joseph Lelang’s response to the Post-Courier’s attack on him.
I have stopped buying the Post-Courier due to its constant misleading reports.
Its role of being neutral and reporting fairly, backed by concrete evidence, is evidently lacking.
Now the focus has been shifted to tarnish the image of one of PNG’s most reputable and credible citizens.
I know Lelang personally.
He is a person who has PNG in his heart.
Despite his busy schedule, he would find the time to teach economics part-time at UPNG where I met him in 1999-2000.
Although he was not well compensated, he took up the challenge to educate the elites of this country.
He is a committed person who puts his public duties before his own.
Once, he even called me and my fellow students into his office and assisted us with our research.
I urge his political opponents to refrain from feeding negative and misleading reports to reporters.
We must uphold and protect the integrity of people like Lelang, Garry Juffa, David Sode, etc.


Former student
Port Moresby