Lelang defies orders from police chief

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The National – Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Police Commissioner Tony Wagambie says police want to question National Planning secretary Joseph Lelang over an allegation of interfering with state witnesses in his break-and-enter case.
In a letter, Wagambie directed Lelang to be at the Boroko police station by 10am yesterday to be interviewed by CID officers.
It follows allegations by a key witness that Lelang had been in contact with him.
Lelang failed to turn up and told Wagambie in a letter that he needed to go for his routine medical check.
Wagambie urged Lelang to provide a doctor’s certificate and a leave-work notice from the National Planning Minister.
“We are applying diplomacy here given his position as a head of department,” Wagambie said.
“It won’t be good if I order my men to force him to the station.”
Wagambie said he wrote a second letter to Lelang yesterday to appear at the Boroko police station today at 10am.
“A summons is served on him to appear before the court at 9.30am,” he said.
The summons is understood to be in relation to the interference allegations made by the witness.
Wagambie said police would apply to the court to revoke Lelang’s bail because of his alleged interference with state witness.
Lelang, 42, from Apalik village, Kandrian, West New Britain, was charged by police on May 19, for breaking, entering and stealing important files of national interest from the office of the National Planning secretary after the court reinstated him to his former post.
NCD police chief Joseph Tondop who is in charge of the investigation said: “He is trying to delay and bar investigations.”