Lelang must clear his name

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, February 11, 2011

I URGE Joseph Lelang to come out now without fear or favour and expose all he can to clear his name.
Usually, MPs give directives and, when the going gets tough, they hide and let the department secretaries cop the blame.
So, I appeal to Lelang to spill the beans.
He must tell us who and where the monies in various trust accounts disappeared to and where.
Why is Planning Minister Paul Tiensten so quiet since this issue surfaced?
I am ready to march on the street with the people to demand that certain MPs be charged and arrested when Lelang exposes the rot.
Ministers have been buying houses and shifting their families overseas in an unprecedented manner.
As such, Lelang owes it to the people of PNG and he must speak now to save face.


Sam Basil
Bulolo MP