Lepa: Ipatas Cup does not owe anything to Mendi rugby league

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The National, Wednesday 08th Febuary 2012

IPATAS Cup chief executive officer, Timothy Lepa confirmed yesterday that Tente Oval in Mendi will not be used to host the competition.
Lepa said this in responding to an article in this paper yesterday regarding Mendi rugby league rejecting the Ipatas Cup competition.
Lepa said the Ipatas Cup had never planned to host any games in Mendi due to logistical and administrative problems faced previously.
He added that his administration owed nothing to the MRFL.
“We are not planning to host games in Mendi because of a lot of problems faced.
“The games are scheduled in Wabag and the teams taking part must travel there to play,” Lepa said.
“Barclay Tenza from Mendi league must not come out and misinform the public as the decisions made to host games down there are entirely on the Ipatas Cup board and they have not chosen Mendi for that purpose.
“The Ipatas Cup committee also does not owe the Mendi Rugby Football league.”
Meanwhile, a final meeting is set today at the People’s Labor Party head office at Six Mile in Port Moresby to launch the Southern regional Ipatas Cup draws.
 Twelve teams are confirmed to take part  in the Southern leg of the CCIC and they are Pom Diwai, Hisu Knights, Aroma, Port Moresby Butterflies, Paga Panthers, Morata Swans, Kerema West, Tia Broncos, Laigap Brothers, Gordons Kokofas, Hiri Gaigais and Rigo Raiders.
“The Kinjons had to be replaced by Gordons Kokofas as per the board’s decision including the patron of the competition, Enga Governeor Peter Ipatas,” Lepa said.