Lera to resign from seat

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JOE Lera, the Bougainville Regional MP, is resigning his seat to contest the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) elections next month.
Lera said he needed to become the President of Bougainville to prepare the people during the post-referendum stage for full independence from PNG.
The position is currently held by John Momis.
“I will do a better job when I’m part of the ABG because now as the Regional MP, I am just an observer and not an implementer of Bougainville’s issues,” he said.
“The ABG is more powerful in executing decisions to determine Bougainville’s future, not the national government.
“So I’m just wasting my time as a National MP.”
Lera will resign on June 17 during the issue of writs for the ABG elections.
“There are two sets of governments on Bougainville (the ABG and national government),” he said.
“The four National MPs (Lera, South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu, Central Bougainville MP Sam Akoitai and North Bougainville William Nakin) only have the mandate but not the powers to run Bougainville.
“The ABG has the powers to run Bougainville and I feel that I have been blocked to implement my programmes since I became a National MP in 2012.”
Lera said it was time to make the move. “I am 56 years old and at the prime of my leadership career to serve Bougainville,” he said.
“I have a degree in Education from Macquarie University in Australia, a Master’s degree in Education from the University of PNG.
“I have 43 years experiences in the public service of which nine were in national politics.”
He is confident of becoming the ABG President.
“I won the 2017 national election with 65,000 votes out of 80,000 who cast their votes,” he said.


  • On the contrary to what Hon Joe Lera says, he has the prerogative to decide for the good of AROB people if he becomes the president elect in the coming ABG Election but, PNG must be boldly united as one country, one people and one nation. AROB will be still part of PNG and not let them break away.

  • You are elected leader, you can do what you can do serve your people, Where would you get the boldness to serve when you have done little or nothing at all………

  • Stop preaching about your educational back ground and work on getting the trust from your people based on what you can do for them transparently and honesty.

  • We as bougainvillans are more accostumed to PAPUA NEW GUINEA and the papua new guinean people. we are also.papua new guineans.

    What ever you people so let us alone as papua new guineans and not to break away as another country.

    This is not in our hearts.

  • So, he is 56 years old and has 43 years experience in the public service. That means you were a child aged 13 when you became a public servant when you were supposed to be in Primary School in year either 5, 6 or 7 back in the day? How does that work out? Something does not add up.

  • mathematical error on basic numerical skill, Sir I prepared, you not to compete your presidency seat, John momis has did every from the begining till presenced, we dont want to know your qualification, what school you`ve attended.. .
    I believed you will loose your seat and regret. consider it. dont be a smart ass.

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