Less talk and more work, says Ellis

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The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

IF THERE was less talk and more work done then so much could be achieved in one year, said Enga’s outgoing resident judge Justice Graham Ellis.
He was speaking recently at the occasion of the gathering of Engans on Dec 7 at the Wabag courthouse.
The Wabag people, many of whom were women, had a week earlier staged a peaceful demonstration, demanding that Ellis be not removed as Enga’s resident judge and on that day.
About a week later, they and many other Engans had gathered to meet him and their Engan leaders, and enquired about Ellis’ impending departure as their resident National Court judge.
Ellis took the opportunity to tell those gathered that a lot of improvements or changes for the better could be achieved in one year, if we all set our minds to it.
“I am not surprised with the change that has occurred in Enga within one year because I think there are many things in this country that could be changed in one year if only we could change bigpela toktok, liklik wok into liklik toktok, bigpela wok (more talk, less work into less talk and more work),” Ellis told those gathered.
He added: “Your presence here today confirms my view that there has been a great thirst for justice here in Enga and that you feel your thirst has been quenched. 
“I am pleased to have your support for my work.”
He said that the improving of the law and order situation in Enga was not something that can be achieved by the National Court on its own, because it involved the efforts of other agencies and people.
Ellis said he would be returning to Australia to spend more time with his 11-year-old son.
He told the Enga  people that the son had agreed with him to let him have this year to serve in Enga.