Less violence means growth, says judge

National, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ENGA’S outgoing resident judge, Justice Graham Ellis has expressed satisfaction of what he and the National Court and all its supporting agents and the people of the province had achieved during the year.
“I am pleased at what has been achieved in Enga for three reasons,” he told the Engans who assembled to meet him early this month.
“Firstly, because you are now supporters of the Criminal Code.”
He said that for many years before the introduction of the Criminal Code, if a man committed a serious crime such as murder then all he had to do was pay compensation to the victim’s relatives and he could remain in his village.
As a result, men who had enough money became powerful because they could do as they wished. 
Under that system, violence became part of everyday life. 
However, under the Criminal Code, if a man killed someone then he could be sentenced to prison.
He was removed from his village and that village becomes less violent and also the penalty deters crimes like that.
“Secondly, that the support you have shown for the work of the National Court by your attendance today tells me that life is more peaceful for you now and you would like to keep it that way. 
“You do not need me to be living here in Enga to make that change.
“The comparative peace you now enjoy is not because of my presence but because of the absence of violence. 
“Thirdly, since getting law and order in place enables other things to be achieved. 
“For example, it is easier for schools to operate and it should be easier to encourage tourism and investment in Enga if the law and order situation improves.” 
Ellis said less violence also reduced the workload at hospitals in Enga.