Let’s build on Vision 2050

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 21st, 2015

 Vision 2050 is homegrown with contributions from both the highly educated and the grassroots during the consultative process. Our people came out openly to share their peace of mind about the slow pace of development where the bulk of the population is. 

Everyone spoke of the many issues affecting the country in terms of service delivery, prudent management of resources and the disparity in wealth distribution. 

The people supported the idea of PNG being a middle income by 2050.  A new course had to be charted out for better change to take effect. In order to achieve such a dream there had to be determination. The O’Neill Government has taken a serious course in speeding up the process of change for PNG. Our country is heading to greater heights in its effort to the vision.  Many sit back and think they have all the time under the sun to see the dream materialise.  We won’t have the time to move on fast if think that we can delay until 2030.  It doesn’t happen that way. The framework for the 2050 vision is there so let us build on this platform.



Alotau, Milne Bay