Let’s get our act together, says PPC

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ALL major police barracks are  havens for criminal activities and family violence, a senior police officer said.
Western provincial police commander Chief Insp Peter Philip said yesterday that unless officers managed their own problems and finances, they would have difficulties in solving similar problems among members of the community they were supposed to serve.
Chief Insp Philip was speaking in support of Police Commissioner Gari Baki’s comments last week about a widespread breakdown in the barracks administration.
He said he agreed that many police barracks were becoming unsafe for families.
Chief Insp Philip said criminal activities were happening under the policemen’s  noses, in their own backyards, and went unreported because no one knew of the situations.
“A lot of police officers are not good managers which is the end result of such problems.”
He said he had dealt accordingly with his officers since he took office last year and was currently dealing with a case concerning a couple who were both police officers.
He said they had brought their matter to court which would be heard in the coming days.
He said such incidences were creating a rift within police families and called for officers to make sure they solve personal problems in the barracks before seeking outside help.
“A lot of commanding officers are not aware of problems until they are reported,” Chief Insp Philip said, adding that it was their duty, as senior officers in charge, to find out about these problems.
Last week, National Capital District and Central Police Commander, Awan Sete warned that disciplinary action would be taken against members of the police force who were found to have compromised their position and status.
Mr Sete said this when condemning an incident early this month in which a school girl was stabbed and wounded at the Waigani Games Village barracks.
He said illegal activities continued to thrive in the barracks because officers and their families were not following standing orders issued by the metropolitan command to ensure discipline there.