Let’s seize a lifetime opportunity

Letters, Normal

I DO not think the organisers of the US protest group, the Tea Party, would apologise to PNG for superimposing president Barack Obama’s face on a picture of a Huli wigman. 
People can think what they like here but the Tea Party will not apologise and will just see the funny side of it as it was meant to be satirical; and not racist. 
The Tea Party can be excused as it does not know where PNG is or what a Huli wigman is and it meant no harm to anyone. 
It was only expressing its displeasure over Obama’s proposed health reforms. 
On the other hand, every Papua New Guinean here and abroad should be very proud of the fact that the Tea Party had unwittingly put our Huli culture and country on the world map. 
This is something PNG will greatly benefit from the exposure and it is good for our global image.  Let us use this to our great benefit.
I really think Obama looks cute as a Huli tribesman, so let us embrace the world’s most powerful leader to be linked to a powerful new Hela province. 
His handsome youthful face does justice to our Huli costume and we should aggressively promote and showcase this around the world to put Hela and PNG on the world map.  
I call on everyone in the business of promoting all things PNG to seize this lifetime opportunity.
Let us turn a perceived negative into a win-win outcome for Hela and PNG.
Let us now ride on the Tea Party’s ignorant mistake and turn it into our greatest promotional tool.
I want to tell my Hela friends and in-laws not to be easily offended by this unintentional mistake but seize this opportunity to promote its Huli dance costume and culture.
So rather than go to the US as it will be an exercise in futility, let’s use the money and strategise on how best to showcase the Huli wigman around the world.
How I wish Obama was in our Rigo traditional regalia, we would be very proud of this.
So Minister Abel, let’s do it and promote PNG!   


Reginald Renagi