Let’s start implementing all our plans

Letters, Normal

Your editorial “Enough planning, start implementing” on Sept 18 was spot on.
Here we go again on big plans and more plans.
Every developmental plan over the years does not seem to work.
We seem to throw one plan away and replace it with another.
It is such a waste of money.
Can someone tell us when we are going to implement them and stop this planning nonsense?
If earlier plans are not working, then it is a reflection of a poor public service system that does not know how to implement policies.
I agree with secretary Joseph Klapat that we are going around a vicious circle. 
After 34 years of independence, the public service, the single biggest consumer of government expenditure, is unable to get its house in order.
What a tragedy when Prime Minister Sir Michael admitted “we have to get it right”.
My question is – when are we ever going to get it right?
The time to plan is over, it is time to implement.
Please implement and show us the results.
Tunga Ku Kitt