Let CS send back the bodies

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013

 I WANT the State, through the Correctional Service, to be responsible for the repatriation of William Kapris’ and Raphael Walimini’s bodies back to Kimbe.

They both are state prisoners and I want the state to meet all their funeral expenses. 

They both were transferred from Lakiemata prison, Kimbe, to Bomana in Port Moresby. 

It is CS’ responsibility to complete their work by bringing back their bodies. 

They were both killed without any authorisation order from the police as announced by commander Jim Andrews (July 26).

I want the CS minister and his commissioner to come out and make a formal public statement concerning their death, funeral arrangements, expenses. Why are they silent on the issue? 


Malakai S Olemba

Port Moresby