Let divorce settle infidelity issues


THIS is in response to Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika’s call to see a law passed to deal with husbands whose extramarital affairs lead to their wives killing each other.
I agree to that call but also disagree. What about the white collar criminals suspended from public office?
I concur with you to have an Act on infidelity.
Infidelity resulting in extramarital affairs is not only the outcome of a man’s mistake.
Looking at the recent case, you don’t know what the husband went through with his first wife.
In some cases, women in PNG do cheat but keep blaming their husbands for infidelity.
They instigate issues but the law is more on their side than men.
Some women in PNG are not in the marriage for love but money thus disrupting other peaceful families and their love.
Polygamy is part of PNG’s culture and is here to stay.
If either the wife or the husband is found to have outside marital affairs, divorce is the only way to solve it.
In some cases, the court will have to charge them with fornication penalties and other with adultery penalties.

Seth S. Punim,
@Kentaldi Kei Tap

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