Let Kipefa finish what he started

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013

 I WOULD like to rebut and correct some inappropriate facts outlined by Tairora Bainti of Goroka about the new Obura-Wonenara MP Mine Kipefa (July 16). 

Firstly, the writer has never been to the district and did not see the preparations Kipefa has done. 

He has mobilised plant equipment for road construction, engaged the PNGDF Engineering of Igam Barracks to do scoping for all roads and has been working tirelessly day and night in the district headquarters seeking funds for road networks. 

I believe with proper roads, services is readily available in rural areas. 

I invite the writer to come down to Aiyura district headquarters to talk with the MP and contribute to the development of Obura-Wonenara.

He is always there except when on official trips. His office is always open for all. 

Former MPs have failed to deliver, but Kipefa has a vision for change and people are already aware of the changes in the district except for the writer. 

Give him a break to prove that he can and will deliver. 

Wait four years and make your valuable judgment. 


Gadsup Sigono Via email