Let lasting peace prevail on Bougainville


THIS is in response to Bougainville Affairs Minister Sir Puka Temu explaining the non-binding referendum and maintaining the status quo of the Parliament as the final authority in the decision making of the referendum outcome.
I respect his views as he has a right to his opinion.
But I have to intervene on behalf of the silent majority and lay down important points that both governments and Parliament have to consider when negotiating the result and ratifying the outcome of the referendum.
In pinpointing time and time again the importance of the referendum, have we not forgotten that this negotiated outcome should at all costs negotiate for the referendum result to be implemented in a timely, pragmatic, secure and responsible manner?
The negotiated outcome should promote, uphold and maintain the spirit of the Bougainville Peace Agreement and that is lasting peace and unity in Bougainville!
Enough is enough of relying on foreign advice that promote foreign interest.
In speaking of economic independence, how will PNG give Bougainville economic independence when it is not economically independent?
It is better for the government of PNG to at this point of time listen to Bougainville for it is our chance to let Bougainville lead the way forward for PNG to shine and be one of the most wealthiest nations on earth.
The Bougainville revolution was a step in the right direction for PNG to follow but was ignored and downplayed by GoPNG through foreign advice as a crisis.
Will the PNG Parliament be humble like the humble Huli Prime Minister and let Bougainville be the change the Pacific wants?
An independent Bougainville will craft its own laws. The blueprint of economic independence because PNGs laws were crafted by its colonial masters, brainwashing us that it is the Constitution that held this country together.
We cannot draw conclusions by saying that economic independence is what Bougainville wants.
Bougainville wants political independence ever since PNG got the right to govern itself.
Political independence will enable economic independence for both come hand in hand as one gives absolute right to another.
Whether the referendum is binding or not is not a matter for both governments to worry about.
Their greatest fear right now is how they will negotiate the result of the majority of Bougainvilleans after the referendum.
Will the negotiated outcome bring lasting peace to Bougainville? Will it not create a monster and disunite Bougainville?
Will it enable the people of Bougainville to be a free, fair and just society? Will it give rise to a whole new dawn of a new era for Bougainville? Whatever happens after the negotiated outcome and final ratification is still in the pipeline and we will not let the cat out of the bag as yet to skin it in front of the world, so we truly achieve our dream in this lifetime with ultimate Independence and Sovereignty for the aspiring Republic of Bougainville.

Gerald Turumanu
Buin Lewa Town

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