Let Manning remain as commissioner


WE want David Manning as the police commissioner.
He is the man for the job.
You can keep your tertiary qualification argument with you – whoever is concerned with it.
This guy has done so much in improving the image of the constabulary and the news of the court decision was a big hit to us.
We have come miles with him and do not wish to regress.
I don’t know if there is anyone who will fit his shoe.
I hope all this court drama will be cleared and the National Executive Council will allow him to stay.
He has done exceptionally well.

Homu Sniper


  • @Homu sniper. Looks like you disregard the law of the land. The PC himself knows he doesn’t meet the criteria to hold the office. There is no shortage of suitable and capable officers in the RPNGC.

    • @ Highlander. That’s right.. PC himself know but we the government including others who responsible for that doesn’t need to make any changes coz criteria doesn’t matter, we need mature minded person who can work.

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