Let Marape remain as PM


I AM one of the many who admire Prime Minister James Marape for the great courage, publicly calling to take back Papua New Guinea.
Let the Opposition judge, misunderstand and gossip about you, their opinions aren’t your problems.
You stay kind, committed to love and free in your authenticity, don’t you doubt your worth or the beauty of the truth, just keep shining like you do.
You are a true son of PNG.
If PNG has a presidential system, you will be our president.
Give Marape a chance to help PNG out of the sinking ship.
We should be proud of him because he has the people in his heart.
As a leader, it is not easy, he should have the support of the parliament and provincial administrations while he concentrates on his role as the prime minister.
MPs, are you afraid that the Indepndent Commission Against Corruptioin (Icac) Act is catching up on you and you want Marape?
Head count shows that the law is good and proper if the right people lead it.
Good luck to you all.
For the Government to take back PNG, certain policies need to be changed and implemented:

  • ALL intending candidates should relinquish their businesses if they are businessmen. That is to keep MPs focused, without conflicts of interest;
  • ONE-wife policy should be introduced to keep MPs focused on their work without conflicts of interest;
  • PROPER medical examinations be done on all MPs to ensure they’re healthy to contest and possibly represent the people; and,
  • WE should have only three or four political parties. This is so that the system is easy to control.

These changes will help to have a stable government where MPs will concentrate on the people and work for them.
At the moment, they are working for themselves and not for the people.

Au Kiana