Let people take care of themselves


OUR church is closed because there should be only 20 people attending.
But, this whole thing about 20 people in a gathering, defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?
We have markets, schools, offices, PMV buses and trucks and shops with more than 20 people.
What is it that we are not doing right?
Even some of our elites are in denial about Coronavirus (Covid-19), hence, not wanting to get vaccinated.
Innocent people are being accused of sorcery when there is death from Covid-19 certified by medical doctors.
Protocols to adhere to and the new norm were put in place since the Covid-19 outbreak.
I thank the Pandemic Response Controller David Manning and his dynamic team of selfless frontline workers and other caregivers.
You have not failed your country and your people.
But there is a limitation to what one may do and say.
What more new information is team going to put out?
What we heard, saw and felt should by now shake the core of our life.
But this is not so.
So, enough talk.
Let every single person be responsible for his/her own life and immediate family.
The vaccines are available and free.
The protocols are out and by now, a good number of people are aware of them.
The choice is ours.
If we want to watch our friends and loved ones drop down as flies, that is our choice.
Manning, please put things back to where they were before.
Let the people take stock of their own lives.


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