Let the law take its course: Basil

Lae News, Normal

BULOLO MP Sam Basil is spearheading moves to restore peace among his Buang people and the people of Labu-Talie village, following the kidnapping of a couple and the burning down of 33 houses more than a week ago.
Buang people de-stroyed food gardens, burnt down the homes and also destroyed canoes and outboard motor dinghies belonging to the Labu-Talie people.
They also kidnapped a couple from their gardens.
The whereabouts of the couple remains unknown.
Efforts by police and villagers to locate them have failed so far.
Last weekend, Mr Basil travelled to Buang where he met his people to discuss the matter.
He is returning there today for another meeting and to seek information on the whereabouts of the husband and wife.
At the meeting, Mr Basil told his people to refrain from taking the law into their own hands and to allow the law to take its course.
He also asked them to appoint a five-man team for negotiations with the Labu-Talie people to restore peace and then resolve the issues surrounding the conflict.
Mr Basil also asked the Labu-Talie people to appoint their own team so that negotiations could start as soon as possible.
He met with the provincial police commander, Supt Peter Guinness to ask for police to assist in mediating the negotiations.
Mr Basil appealed to both sides to remain calm and allow the law to take its course as well as allow the negotiations to proceed peacefully.
He warned his people that if they took the law into their own hands, then he would not be part of the peace process.