Let the police do their job, PM

Letters, Normal

I DO not see the reason why the Prime Minister and his cohorts are attacking the Ombudsman Commission’s report on Motigate with such venom.
If the Prime Minister has nothing to hide, then he should allow the police to follow up and conduct their own investigation whether powers have been abused and laws of both PNG and Solomon Islands have been breached.
If the Prime Minister is prosecuted, then he should fight it in the court to clear his name and reputation.
If he has nothing to hide, then he should allow for the proper process to take its course instead of using the power and numbers he has in Parliament to block this report.
So much for transparency and good governance.
We have to make a collective decision now and call on the Government to come out clear on all its involvement from the Motigate affair to the Taiwan deal.
Enough is enough.


Abraham Zana Riyong
Via email