Let us fight corruption and police brutality


I AM a policeman. I serve my country and people with pride, integrity, guts and professionalism in these new era.
My father was also a policeman, a war veteran of 1942 and after the end of the war he continued to serve with the kiaps doing patrols in the remote areas of the southern region including Southern Highlands (last Papua).
In those days, there were no complaints about police brutality.
Our government has turned a blind eye to the doings of the police force. There is corruption in the force.
If we are serious about eradicating police brutality, let’s start from the top, and start investigating corrupt practices, then discipline will work from rank and file downwards.
Things like the wantok system, bribery in the recruitment of police recruits, lack of training, lack of proper funding, lack of proper accommodation, lack of issuance of proper uniforms, lack of police vehicles, lack of fuel supply, lack of stationery supplies, lack of sophisticated policing equipment, etc.
These are just a few contributing factors that contribute to the undisciplined conduct of policemen and women in our beautiful country.
I sympathise with our brothers and sisters who have been victims of police brutality. As a cop I feel ashamed.
Come on PNG, brothers and sisters help us put pressure to the government of the day to deal with this serious problem.
Let’s all stand up and fight corruption and police brutality.
PNG, united we stand, divided we fall.

Concerned PNG

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