Let us run Eda Ranu, says NCD governor

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The National, Thursday 16th May 2013

 NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has called on the state-owned enterprises ministry to transfer the function of Eda Ranu to the National Capital District Commission.

He said since the board of Eda Ranu had terminated the Bill Operate Transfer (BOT) contract with JC-KRTA, the NCDC was ready to take over the entity and supply water to the city and also look at its sewerage system.

Parkop asked during question time in parliament whether PNG Power could increase electricity supply in the city and if Eda Ranu could be transferred to NCDC.

State-owned Enterprises Minster Ben Micah said the BOT contract with JC-KRTA was terminated six years before the 20-year contract expired because the Malaysian company  whichwas only contracted to supply water was involving itself in collecting sewerage fees in the city.

He could not assure Parkop of the possibility of transferring the entity to NCDC as the contract was likely to be renewed.

On power supply in the city, Micah said the IPBC had approved a proposal from a private energy supplier called Energy World to establish 80 kilowatts of power using a gas power plant in the city.

He said through the independent power contract, the company had been asked to take over the Moitaka power station on a short term. There are also plans to increase capacity of the Rauna hydro power supply considering the demand in the city and continuous power outages.