Let your work speak for you, Wau

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to counter claims that the Member for Kerowagi, Guma Wau, has been biased by allocating projects to his Dagle tribe.
Kerowagi people who are based in Port Moresby do not know what is happening back home and they tend to make all sorts of allegations.
But those who have been in the district, will agree with me that Mr Wau is a man of vision and action who has the heart for the people of Kerowagi.
From my own observation as a local resident of Kerowagi, the MP has initiated important projects in all the four LLGs in the district.
Kerowagi would not have been rated among the top five in the ORD ratings if there was no delivery of services.
As such, credit should go to the MP for his leadership quality.
Mr Wau may be a first-term MP but the work he has done in the past two and a half years is remarkable.
I am confident he will deliver more in the next two and a half years.
The best advice I would give to Kerowagians living in Port Moresby is to stop complaining and go back to Kerowagi and see what the MP has done.
I call on Mr Wau to carry on with his good work and let his delivery of services and projects speak for themselves.


Independent observer
Kamagl town