Let’s all do our part: Marape


THE goal to making PNG a rich black Christian nation does not mean we have to be rich all of a sudden in monetary terms, Prime Minister James Marape says.
Marape said it was about being content that tomorrow will be okay.
He said these during the opening of Christian Outreach Centre (COC) of PNG pastors and leaders national conference earlier this week.
Marape spoke about the responsibility and power the church had to change people.
“I can set a vision for this country but it takes everyone to do their part to achieve that vision,” he said.
“And no doubt, the church is one major player in this.”
Marape said it was a challenge for all to set the example of how a Christian life is like – whether it is at work place or home or wherever.
As an example of changing attitude, he said public servants “must work from 8am to 4.06pm” as a Christian.
“Because everyone at work knows you are a Christian, it is your responsibility to set an example.”
Pastor Matthew Roni said a nation’s wealth and future were not in its bank reserves or its mineral resources and gold deposits, but in the people.
“And we hope to develop our people through renewing the mindset with Christian-based principles,” he said.
“Only then, can we have a greater impact.”
Roni said God’s Word played a significant part in nation building.
The conference is a bi-annual event to reignite the mantle of the COC movement through the power of the Holy Spirit.
“We have more than 50,000 members and 350 churches nationwide.
“We are expecting at least 2,000 people to attend the conference which will be held at the Sir John Guise indoor complex,” he said.

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