Let’s develop Obura-Wonenara


I COME from the area mentioned by Gemel Wox Wasi (letter published on Oct 29). Thank you for bringing up this issue for our isolated area to the public and the government of the day to hear what we have been missing since the independence on Sept 16, 1975.
My father moved to Port Moresby in the 1980s and I grew up here in Port Moresby for the last 30 years.
I went back to bury my father in April 2018.
I witnessed that many of my people are still using tapa cloth to cover their skin when it’s cold during the day and night. It’s quiet saddening and it broke my heart.
There is so much to talk about but I have just given a few reality issues affecting my struggling people.
However, I wouldn’t blame any government of the day for not bringing tangible developments into the electorate.
As per my reasoning and analysis, it has become amicably clear to me that the land mass regarding the electorate is very large which has resulted in not so much of development taking place within my isolated area.
Meaning that most of the development have only reached the front parts of the electorate.
When you imagine the land mass from Aiyura covering Marawaka station, Obura-Wonenara, Yeilya 21 constituency all the way to Simbari which is closest to Gulf where our big river meets the Purari River.
If we are to develop our area within the next 20 to 30 years’ time, I suggest we break the electorate into two so that it’s much more easier to bring tangible development to the area.
Allow the new electorate to join Morobe which is close so that road can be easy to build and other part of the land mass area can be developed by EHP government.
To all leaders and educated Owan people, please let’s all put our differences aside and bring up ideas by planning on how we can develop this very large land mass within Obura-Wonenara.

Wilson Mack Yarume
Mangi Kema OWAN


  • Wilson’s suggestion on breaking the electorate into two is the better recommendation that we the young generations of Obura Wonenara should consider to be in a better position of developing our area. It is because of geographical features that our district doesn’t see any tangible developments.

  • I for one disagree with the idea of splitting Obura Wonenara District for now. I know that will be done. But I guess not now. Maybe in the future when we have established infrastructure and human resource. For now, I am happy that my District is different than other 7 districts in the province.

  • I fully agree with Wilson’s observation. It is being 44 years. This Obura Wonenara is the biggest district in EHP which is almost equal to the size of Jiwaka Province. Basic government services scarcely penetrate beyond the boundaries of Lamari LLG to the Yelia LLG. People have been denied basic services etc and this is about time our leaders look critically at strategies to divide the district into two seperate districts for each to have their own administration to attend actively to their needs. Hon. Mehrra Minne Kipefa would leave a legacy as the current sitting MP now to initiate this change.

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