Let’s fight drug, homebrew crimes


RECENTLY there was a clash between people at a settlement in Lae after the killing of a man.
This resulted in several houses burned to ashes and properties worth of thousand kina destroyed.
The main cause of this tragic incident was the consumption of homebrew and marijuana.
The consumption of these prohibited substances is getting all-too-common in all areas of Lae and the country.
It has been the main factor behind the escalating crime rate in Lae.
People are producing, selling and consuming it publicly without fear of getting caught and arrested.
Others turn a blind eye on them.
It is becoming a threat to Lae and the country as a whole.
We already have a sector response unit (SRU) put in place by Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr and also a toll-free number to call police.
We the people must make it our responsibility to fight and curb the escalating homebrew and drug-related crimes in the city.

Concerned Citizen
Jethro Peter