Lets fight for cancer machine


The Government has heard of the cries of the people but we can only say thank you when the machines are purchased and installed and people are treated.
We can talk about issues and policies and we will get there over some time.
Reading everyday about various cancer and illnesses that cannot be treated in PNG is sickening.
Can we for once in our communities and in our workplaces and homes and on Facebook, talk about this issue.
Let’s get the Health Department to immediately drawdown the 2019 funding for the cancer treatment facility and immediately set it up now before April. Once that is done, we can ask the Government to purchase other specialist equipment and recruit the required personnel to treat our people. Our ordinary people have been asked to fork out medical bills, the amounts they have never seen in their lives.
Let us take action in whatever way we can.

Wilson Thompson.
President – Farmers &
Settlers Association.