Let’s protect our women


THE lives of our mothers, sisters and aunties are at great risk. At this time, the human mind is being consumed by evil activities and driving the youth into causing a lot of problems. I shed tears when I come across of news of violent behaviour towards women. I don’t know these women, but I cry because I imagine my mother, sisters and aunties going through such horror. Our country is not properly protecting our women. When I sit back and look at these things, the more I think about ideas to address this, the violence continues. Violence against women leads to death, rape and other brutality. I think change starts with individuals. It does not matter how rich or poor you are, but the only difference you can make is to save a female soul from danger at any point in time. Be that one person who is willing to stand up for women. When you do that, you will start to influence others to follow you. This is the time we stop the bad reputation of men and start caring better for women and girls. Please share the idea and let’s change together instead of waiting for the Government to do it for us.

Jonathan Mok,