Let’s trust our scientists


EVERYONE seems to be skeptical about the field of applied sciences as untouchable to even underestimate the ingenuity of our brave medical professionals and scientists to find the most cost-effective and plausible treatment solutions against prevalent pandemics such as Covid-19.
It was gathered from their media presentation that a database of 30,000 known generic antivirals drugs and others underwent simulation tests on their effectiveness to attack the Covid-19 protein structure under varying conditions and temperatures.
The team managed to zero down to ten most promising potent drugs as potential combinations on Covid-19.
That is highly commendable.
Interestingly, at least two of their bottom-listed drug identification out of the 10 was recently used by the United States doctors to treat President Donald Trump in making swift recovery also makes their own top three listing of drugs very promising and that captured Prime Minister James Marape’s attention.
I, for one would not shoot down this piece of refined hard science to go the next stage of synthesising the drug combination for clinical dosage trials.
On the procurement side of things, it’s the prerogative of the Government to invoke certificate of inexpediency to validate this expenditure under National Pandemic Act to secure potential drug for Covid-19 treatment.

Observer NCD


  • This is literature search and not applied research in the truest sense.
    K10.0 million for something that can be done in 3 days!!!!. This is election money channeled to this cooked up company parked and ready to be used for campaigning in 2022 General elections.

  • This is literature search and not applied research. The K10.0 million for this piece of literature search is just too much, Some of these loot may be parked for the 2020 General Elections….

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