Lets uproot corruption


TO all you educated, young and upcoming elites of this country: your future prosperity is being monitored by an established evil system.
It has taken root deep down that it cannot be easily uprooted.
Seeing our weaknesses in literature and education, those with egos, evil mind and plans, who by chance have gotten to power and positions, have used that golden opportunity to do what they like and desire to do.
There is a saying: “Changes come once; fork out for life what you can for your own benefit.”
With that kind of ideology, without any fear and guilt conscience, this evil system has systematically thieved from the State’s purse to source and sustain their established network for their continuity and existence.
We, your brothers and sisters, who are uneducated or unprivileged back at home, are seeing this and also feeling the pain of earning a living.
We hereby voice our call to you to team up and fight this evil system – corruption – which is continuously, year round, contaminating and exploiting the huge wealth of this country.

Waipii Zajijar
(For voice of voiceless)