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Busfare issue:
THIS is a challenge to ICCC to wake up from its slumber. It’s just becoming normal that kids attending primary and secondary schools in NCD are every day forced to pay K1 bus fare to and fro. This is a blunt insult to our kids to pay K1 just like adults.
Where are the laws enforcing agencies like ICCC who should get down to its knees and do something? I see some of the little kids use their lunch money to pay for the bus and they go hungry without having lunch which thus affects their concentration at school.
We are talking about big things like making PNG the “Richest black Christian nation” and “Take back PNG” but the government must seriously look into the flight of these kids about paying K1 bus fare. I challenge the government and relevant authorities like ICCC to please step up and do something.

Unfair treatment to kids

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