Letter in brief


Assistance appreciated:
AS a recipient of the New Ireland Government Subsidy Assistance Programme and Namatanai DDA Tertiary Students Assistance, I acknowledge the assistance given by Governor Sir Julius Chan and Namatanai MPWalter Schnaubelt. The subsidy assistance might seem little compared to actual tuition fees but it goes a long way to relieve me from the burden of school fee I had as a self-sponsored student this year.

Richard S Konte,

Seymour needs to do more:
AS a tribe member of Morobe LLG, I would like to thank Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour for donating to Eya Primary School. But there are 22 wards in Morobe LLG. If the member is providing the service to all the primary schools, then it will be a credit for him as our open electorate member. But if he is just doing it because of the 2022 National Election’s political interest, he has to start thinking of bringing services to all elected wards and their schools. We have only two years left and nothing much has been done to the Morobe LLG.

Suena Naka