Letter in brief


Why cheating us Digicel?
I SHARE my dissatisfaction with the usage of SMS messages that are unacceptable. For example; if I have 70 free SMS available and I used 20, I should be left with 50. But to my surprise 30 were remaining. Then I used 19 again thinking that I would be left with 11 but guess what, it was all gone. Digicel calls itself a bigger and better network in PNG but it is cheating and stealing from the village people and everyone, even from pastors.

Unacceptable But N E Way

Stop with paper decisions:
VOICELESS people of Papua New Guinea are on the air when they hear a news about the country. The news always comes from the government. People do not know what will be the outcome of the decisions made by government as they are all paper decisions and those are never implement it. Now, the Mining Department has made a decision to process gold in the country. We believe this as another paper decisions among others which were made. The government has to have proper plans to lead the nation.

Lupzon Kenowai,
Maus Mahn blo PNG

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