Letter in brief


Fulfil promises:
THE promise made by the Government to teachers during the Covid-19 period is a slap in the face. Teachers are threatened to be terminated or put off the payroll if they fail to adhere to the Government’s directives to resume. Even the nurses and doctors are to be considered seriously. Teachers are frontline workers. They should be properly cared for. Over to the Government to make that promise fulfilled.


Address PMV issues:
WHAT is happening to the PMV fares? All fares are very high. Can the SOE controller and the government do something? People’s lives are very important at this time when many are out of jobs and looking for means to sustain their living. Why are PMV fares increasing?

Frustrated customer

Make good decisions:
Our goal is to be rich and not to look rich. Politicians cannot decide on our future but what they do shapes and affects it. Leaders should be careful about how they think, visualise plans and make decisions that would benefit people. Their ideas run our lives. Leaders should stop misleading people with their attention-seeking posts in Facebook.

Daiba Colz (Pom)

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